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Are children allowed entry?

Members are welcome from beginner to seasoned players ages 14 and up.

Do you offer a trial membership?

Limited guest fees are offered initially prior to membership. Please see Membership page for details.

Is there a dress code?

Members are asked to wear proper gym shoes (non scuffing sneakers), T-shirts, shorts or sweat pants (including multi-color) and to refrain from wearing hats (ie: ball caps), halter tops & sleeveless shirts.

What scoring system is used?

Rally Point System:

  • A game is the first to 21 points

  • A match is the best of three games to 21

  • A point is scored every rally regardless of who served

  • Whichever side won the rally gets to serve or carries on serving

  • At 20-20 the game goes to setting, the first player/pair to gain a two point lead wins the game

  • If the score reaches 29-29 the side that scores the 30th point wins the game

Your team can score a point even when the other team is serving. If you lose a serve - you lose a point AND the serve goes to your opponents. The only way you keep serving is to keep scoring points. (Under this system there's no more second serve per team. If you fail on the first serve you lose a point and the serve switches to your opponents.) 

Also, if you gain back the serve, your team doesn't automatically start serving from the right. If you have an odd amount of points, the serve starts by going to the left (and to the person standing in that box.) 

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